Author Topic: Rules & Regulations for players and admins on [b00bs] servers  (Read 2265 times)


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b00bs Urban Terror servers rules

b00bs servers for other games have different rules. Other clans servers have different rules.

As it is too hard to enforce game play there are no rules for that.

This is not a complete list. If you have any suggestion discuss bellow or send it to

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


- Camping in any way, shape or form is allowed.

- Teabagging in any way, shape or form is allowed.

- Swearing/cussing/insulting others is not prohibited. Do not overdo it!
Meaning, saying shit, fuck or something like that every once in a while will be tolerated and not get you kicked/banned but DO NOT spam it on every kill etc...

- Enemy spawn camping and killing is allowed.


- Team killing is NOT allowed (including AFK players).

- Team bleeding is NOT allowed (including AFK players).

- Arguing with admins is NOT ok.

- Insulting other players and racism of any kind is NOT allowed.

- Refrain from politics and religion discussions.

- Offensive nicknames will probably be tolerated until we get complaints.

- Advertising your server, website, forum, etc is not ok.

- Recruiting for your clan should not be done often on our servers. If you have it binded and do it more than once in round it's too often.

- Using our tag.
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