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Thank you for taking interest in b00bs clan.  8)

First 10-15 b00bs members were all my real life friends I have played FPS games last 5-10 years at lan parties etc.
All other members (with only few exceptions) are players who have spent some serious time playing with me. Most of them played few months before entering the clan and much more after that :)

We are already have more than enough members, and are back to only accept small amount of new every once in a while (2 new every 2 months). Mostly interested in skilled players who we hang with on teamspeak, have fun with and would also be good addition in matches. Having lots of popular servers, we can cherry pick from vast amount of players who are interested to join us. Advantage in joining us are playing for long time, consistently, getting top ranks on main servers and showing up on teamspeak.

If we were about to draw a line for POTENTIAL new members it would probably be:
- at least 50 hours logged on the server
-  few months playing
- rank probably under 30'th position.

If you do not satisfy this, do not bother applying.

Have in mind, that you do not have to be in b00bs to:
- play on b00bs servers
- get admin rights
- have fun with us on teamspeak. Feel invited to join teamspeak any time. Sometimes it is pretty empty, sometimes we have 15 people blabbing.

We do not plan having 1000 members. It is about group of players who play together and have fun, on public servers and competitively in matches.

We only accept new members occasionally and after some period of review. Do not expect answer right away. Those that are being considered getting in will be "monitored" at least few weeks before we agree on accepting them or not.

Want to get this clear from the start, so people would not waste time.

Once again.
Willingness to join us and skill alone are not enough.
Time to seriously devote for competitive playing matches (especially in leagues) is "additional requirement"... along the "normal/standard" of being cool, in good relations with current members, spending serious time playing and hanging around on ts.

Just being good shooter, never was, and still is nowhere near enough to join b00bs. I never intended on turning b00bs into that sort of "clan"... maybe proper word would be team that has expiration date set to 3 months at most, until league season which they signed on is over, restructuring and reassembling at random times, often under different names.

That being said, our awesome group is going strong in matches and there is no doubt in my mind that this is what I want instead of accepting bunch of random multi-clan skillers for a run or two.

When applying start new post with following fields filled.

UrT alias(es):
Previous clans:
Teamspeak: Yes/No
What do you like about b00bs clan? Why do you want to join?
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