Author Topic: New Mod for EURO Uptown TS  (Read 905 times)


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New Mod for EURO Uptown TS
« on: July 07, 2014, 05:20:42 PM »
Hello everybody, maybe oldsports will read it ;)

My main player name is <La>Laibo but you can also find me under the nickname Laibo or [wtf]-Laibo. I had a gamebreak for a while, because i broke my hand hardly, so i really could not play for this time. Now, i am playing again actively. sad to see that old friends are not playing anymore but sht happens.

i wanted to ask you again, if a new activ mod is needed for the EURO Uptown TS server. hans is doing a great job but i think that he might need some support when hes not online.
i dont want it because i want to push my ego or because to feel special. i just hate it to see offensive player, winjoiner, cheater, or other stuff that shouldnt be there.

to my person. im 18 years old and from germany/russia.
if you have a question, just ask me ;)