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[UAA] Network Ban
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:51:39 PM »
UAA Network Ban
UAA has developed a script in which it takes banlists from trusted/affiliated servers and aggregates all the bans together. You are free to use it on your servers.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE THE [UAA] TAG OR ANY SORT OF DERIVATIVE OF IT. We like to leave those reserved to the trusted/affiliated servers from whom we take the banlists.

Features of UAA banlist:
- Aimbot + Wallhack bans only
- Banlist at our side updates every 10 minutes, but current B3 banlist plugin does it only every hour. We will be working on having that limitation fixed in new versions.
- For every banlist entry, there is a tag attached to it showing from which of the affiliated clans the ban is from
- Automatic expunge of bans older than 3 months. This will resolve problem with IP ranges pollution affecting new/regular players on same ISP as cheaters.

We have published two banlists that can be used with B3, and two that can be used for UrT servers without B3.
Aimbot + Wallhack w/ B3:
Aimbot + Wallhack w/o B3:
Aimbot w/ B3:
Aimbot w/o B3:

Here are the Affiliates and the banlist we filter from:
[b00bs] -
[WC] -
[CnD] -
~Powerban (French UrT community banlist) is also incorporated into [UAA] banlist.~

How to add to your server:

With B3 Banlist Plugin:

Code: [Select]
                <message>^4$name^7 is ^1BANNED^7 on [UAA]</message>

Aimbot + Wallhack:

Without B3 Plugin:
Those not utilizing b3 banlist plugin can use either of these two files as source of bans.
For example, add into your cron (scheduled tasks)

*/10 * * * * wget -O /home/urt/.q3a/q3ut4/banlist.txt

This would download [UAA] banlist and set it as your server's banlist, provided that you modify the path where your server settings are in case it is not /home/urt/.q3a/q3ut4/
In case you want to preserve your server local banlist and add the [UAA] bans, or any other usage case, feel free to make a post here:


The b00bs server tested this out for a while and took some statistics of the banlist's effectiveness. These are the number of unique/distinct players that got denied access on [b00bs] servers because of [UAA] banlist. It does not count number of connections, because some are reconnecting multiple times. It does not count client id (guids), because some are trying to avoid the ban. It counts by IP

100     USA Uptown only CTF
157     USA Uptown only TS
22     USA Snipers 
294     EURO Uptown only CTF
239     EURO Uptown only TS
277     EURO Uptown only TDM
267     EURO Uptown only BOMB
13     EURO Uptown only SNOW
77     EURO Pr0nmaps - Pussyparadise

Number of banned player statistics updated Sat Jun 15 20:30:08 UTC 2013

Any questions, please ask here:
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