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[b00bs] servers list
« on: September 22, 2012, 03:28:13 PM »
Report cheat via email     USA Uptown CTF   USA Uptown TS   USA snipers   USA Jump   USA Downtown (TS with map rotation) {4.2}     UK Funmap     EURO Uptown CTF     EURO Uptown TS     EURO Uptown TDM     EURO Uptown BOMB     EURO Uptown Snow     EURO CTF Return The Frag (map rotation) {4.2}     EURO TS Boobstown (map rotation) {4.2}     EURO BOMB this shit out (map rotation) {4.2}     EURO TDM The Deutsch Mutterschiff (map rotation) {4.2}     EURO Uptown FFA     EURO Pronmaps PussyParadise     EURO Jumps     EURO Jumpers
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