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Urban Terror ( + VIDEOS + SCREENSHOTS ETC ) / Random <> Binds
« on: September 23, 2010, 10:35:39 PM »

Hey, thought I would start a new topic so everyone can add a bind or two they think is useful...   ;D

Here's a random one:
/bind x "ui_selectgear"    // gear menu

Instead of pressing esc > player > weap..., I just press g. So, not overly useful... but it saves me some time... and the post is called random binds...   :o

Also, binds for several gear setups (to switch weapons quickly):

/bind x "set gear 1234567"

Where 1 = Side Arm, 2 = Primary, 3 = Secondary, 4 = Grenade, 5 = Item1, 6 = Item2, and 7 = Item3
So, for example:

/bind x "set gear GLAAWUV"  //Equip LR300, DE, Helmet, Silencer, and Laser  <-- My current setup
/bind y "set gear FaJOVAAA"  //Equip AK, MP5K, Beretta, HE Nades, and Laser
/bind z "set gear GeAQRTA"  //Equip Colt M4, DE, Smokes, Kevlar, Medkit

See attached table for weapon codes. (Note: Use A for nothing, you must have a string of 7 characters).


Anyone else have a random bind they would like to share?


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