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Fun & Humor / MOVED: Spiki(one question)
« on: January 29, 2015, 07:09:13 AM »

[b00bs] Urban Terror servers / [UAA] Network Ban
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:51:39 PM »
UAA Network Ban
UAA has developed a script in which it takes banlists from trusted/affiliated servers and aggregates all the bans together. You are free to use it on your servers.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE THE [UAA] TAG OR ANY SORT OF DERIVATIVE OF IT. We like to leave those reserved to the trusted/affiliated servers from whom we take the banlists.

Features of UAA banlist:
- Aimbot + Wallhack bans only
- Banlist at our side updates every 10 minutes, but current B3 banlist plugin does it only every hour. We will be working on having that limitation fixed in new versions.
- For every banlist entry, there is a tag attached to it showing from which of the affiliated clans the ban is from
- Automatic expunge of bans older than 3 months. This will resolve problem with IP ranges pollution affecting new/regular players on same ISP as cheaters.

We have published two banlists that can be used with B3, and two that can be used for UrT servers without B3.
Aimbot + Wallhack w/ B3:
Aimbot + Wallhack w/o B3:
Aimbot w/ B3:
Aimbot w/o B3:

Here are the Affiliates and the banlist we filter from:
[b00bs] -
[WC] -
[CnD] -
~Powerban (French UrT community banlist) is also incorporated into [UAA] banlist.~

How to add to your server:

With B3 Banlist Plugin:

Code: [Select]
                <message>^4$name^7 is ^1BANNED^7 on [UAA]</message>

Aimbot + Wallhack:

Without B3 Plugin:
Those not utilizing b3 banlist plugin can use either of these two files as source of bans.
For example, add into your cron (scheduled tasks)

*/10 * * * * wget -O /home/urt/.q3a/q3ut4/banlist.txt

This would download [UAA] banlist and set it as your server's banlist, provided that you modify the path where your server settings are in case it is not /home/urt/.q3a/q3ut4/
In case you want to preserve your server local banlist and add the [UAA] bans, or any other usage case, feel free to make a post here:


The b00bs server tested this out for a while and took some statistics of the banlist's effectiveness. These are the number of unique/distinct players that got denied access on [b00bs] servers because of [UAA] banlist. It does not count number of connections, because some are reconnecting multiple times. It does not count client id (guids), because some are trying to avoid the ban. It counts by IP

100     USA Uptown only CTF
157     USA Uptown only TS
22     USA Snipers 
294     EURO Uptown only CTF
239     EURO Uptown only TS
277     EURO Uptown only TDM
267     EURO Uptown only BOMB
13     EURO Uptown only SNOW
77     EURO Pr0nmaps - Pussyparadise

Number of banned player statistics updated Sat Jun 15 20:30:08 UTC 2013

Any questions, please ask here:

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, USA Snipers only server has resurrected from ashes.


Maplist info updated 2013.04.13

Bunch of WildCats requested ut4_pg227 to be removed. Such as sweet little map, but apparently horrible respawn positions.
Saiyan says WC's don't like spudarena... 2013.04.18 - spudarena removed.

Starting from today we have specific weapon control on USA Uptown CTF server.

Smoke grenades are disabled by default. Period.

HK can be turned off and on by admins. On that note, HK is fully disabled on EURO Uptown BOMB.

Reasoning for these changes is simple.

Smoke grenades are not even up for "discussion" in sense whether there will be any votes/decision to have it enabled again or not.
Feel free to voice your opinion on that and discuss though.
Majority of people I've talked with agree that smoke grenades on popular public server such as USA Uptown CTF are just a nuisance and are not used to provide any tactical improvement in game play. Some/same douchebags constantly ruin the game by smoking spawns, making it difficult to exit spawn/navigate etc.

HK would be disabled also if it was not for the few regulars that we like seeing on the servers, like Sarisko etc.
But we do "allow/condone" HK to be disabled by admins when the game starts becoming spawn nadefest and random deaths by it.
The game gets very much unplayable when there are few people throwing smoke grenades or using HK grenade launcher to spam spawns.
Especially when there are few noobs staying in bases all the time, making it impossible to exit base without damaged health.

I'd like to see as many of you as possible tonight at 23h CET

We will do Harlem shake video on server.

Just join teamspeak at correct time and all will be explained to you.

Should be lots of fun, so be here or be square

Vote for who you think was "the gay guy" according to gay clown (jokey)

Left For Dead 2 :O

Fun & Humor / Happy New Year
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:27:20 PM »
Happy New Year

We wish everyone a happy New Year!

Especially lot of fun playing on the public servers with all you!

We are also looking forward to have some good times in competitions we participate.
Hope for exciting and thrilling matches in all the leagues and cups.

Please read first Cup of B00bs = [b00bs] servers players 1v1 & 2v2 tournaments - GENERAL INFO

General information about the tournaments

Next tournament: announced on the website
Archive direct link:

Game type: Team Survivor
Map time limit: 10 minutes / map
Round time limit: 1,5 minutes / round
Players: 2 versus 2 (+1 substitute per team is allowed)
Teamspeak required (separate channel/room for each team).
Game server and TeamSpeak will be provided by [b00bs] clan
Maps: For this month, maps are:
- First match: Uptown + funmap2_a2 (sr8 only) + Mykonos
- Second and other mathces: Uptown + teamA pick + teamB pick (from Abbey, Austria, Algiers, Casa, Tohunga, Turnpike...)

Winner is decided on Best of Three maps (you have to win on at least two maps)

All players will have to upload their screenshots in the forum (press F11 at end of round).
All players will have to provide demos upon request. (so record the match with F12).
All matches will be played between 19h and 24h CET (European time / France, Germany etc). That equals to 16-23h in UK and Portugal
No cheating.
No bug abusing.
We expect decent sportsmanship from all contestants.
Failure to abide these rules can lead to disqualification by admin decision. [b00bs]Nebel, KarlMariaSeeberg, [b00bs]The-spiki, [b00bs]Dan

Check out news post about the previous 2v2 Tournament - 2012 August and all videos from the tournament

Discuss bellow. (just be aware that the map choices for this next tournament are limited and "locked" on purpose)


So we will do this tournament on Saturday 19'th January.
Gathering starts at around 19h. Matches will start at 19:30 and be played in the next 2,3 hours depending on how far you go in the knockout system, number of opponents etc.

Make sure both players have account on forum so we would have means to contact all with information.

Thank you all for patience. Now lets get this party started

Write as reply right here if you would play and with whom. It is again on short notice, but I would like to see if we have enough interested and available to play this Saturday, so that we start organizing.

One more time, In lack of better system, for now just "sign up" with new reply to this post stating who you are playing with.
In future we will possibly have something better done, but for now this will do it.


For whatever reason I am sharing some of the crazyness that happened last night.
Probably because some of the opponents had some doubts about us.

Anyway, I know nJ stands for No Joke, but we had a lot of jokes in this match.

If you get past the low quality of the video (maybe we will re-upload with higher quality) and Danny's "weapon" tick you will be able to experience shitload of inside jokes etc

Btw, I know nJ players were wondering about the thing that happened at 10:20 time in game / 15:50 in video.
Dufi asked for unscope so I reported him the position of last enemy player. I was on bridge and clearly saw the guy (check my demo). So I called France Archus spot...
And yes, we got names on the maps for all of the favorite spots of our teammates. France Archus spot. France Orphal spot. Dufi's shop...

Urban Terror match Antics

Hi all,

As of last day of year 2012:
[b00bs]Dan played 280 matches in Urban Zone League.
[b00bs]The-spiki counts 270 matches played in UZ.
[b00bs]duhfysa 214 UZ matches.
[b00bs]RAW-mEAT 199 (156 for [b00bs] + 43 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]Archus 189 (157 for [b00bs] + 32 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]Nebel 166 (140 for [b00bs] + 22 for b00bs-DD) UZ matches.
[b00bs]SubZ 151 UZ matches.

As far as I know, we hold the record in whole UZ across all players.

Over the years, we had at least 20 or 30 more were played in UZ, but
those got deleted when opponents were removed from competition.

Of course we also play together in CB (Clan Base), UCL (Universal
Cyber League), FTW (For The Win), STF (Survival of The Fittest), ESL
(Electronic Sports League), NASL (National Electronic Sports League),
CTL (Casatown League) etc.

Here is an insight of our crazyness when we are not playing seriously.

[b00bs] Urban Terror servers / b00bsServerAdmin IRC bot
« on: December 29, 2012, 04:04:06 PM »
We have re-ignited a long time ago project... from 2008/2009... IRC bot for our servers.

Those that do not have irc client (mirc, xchat, *) can use it via webchat at

Example commands
<[b00bs]The-spik> @help
<b00bsBawt> @banlist   Search bans from [b00bs] servers
<b00bsBawt> @faq      An intelligent way of teaching b00bsBawt. Use @faq help for more
<b00bsBawt> @find     Searches for player on [b00bs] URT servers
<b00bsBawt> @help     lists available commands with brief descriptions.
<b00bsBawt> @players   Display players on server
<b00bsBawt> @servers   Display servers and number of players
<b00bsBawt> @teamspeak     show info of b00bs TeamSpeak3 server.


<b00bsBawt> @servers {ALL | USA | EURO | Uptown | Jump | 4.2 }
<b00bsBawt> example: @servers Uptown

<[b00bs]The-spik> @servers uptown
<b00bsBawt> 14/25 | | [b00bs] USA Uptown CTF
<b00bsBawt> 4/23 | | [b00bs] USA Uptown TS
<b00bsBawt> 22/32 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown CTF
<b00bsBawt> 15/32 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown TS
<b00bsBawt> 24/32 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown TDM
<b00bsBawt> 14/32 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown BOMB
<b00bsBawt> 0/13 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown SNOW
<b00bsBawt> 0/13 | | [b00bs] EURO Uptown FFA

<[b00bs]The-spik> @players
<b00bsBawt> @players {USA or EURO} + {UPTOWN |CTF | TS | TDM | BOMB} + CTF, TS, TDM, BOMB, FFA or SNOW
<b00bsBawt> example: @players usa-uptown-ctf

<[b00bs]The-spik> @players euro-uptown-tdm
<b00bsBawt> uptown             25/32 [b00bs] EURO Uptown TDM ( [UAA]
<b00bsBawt> 27  [b00bs]RAW-mEAT      17  [b00bs]Nebel         16  seb-ksl
<b00bsBawt> 15  Valy                 11  Jax                  8   KilleR_GirL
<b00bsBawt> 7   onil                 6   StEiN_WEiCh          6   Brani
<b00bsBawt> 5   simon                4   LubiePlacki:*        4   alt+rnativ
<b00bsBawt> 3   OTTOMAN61            3   Antek                3   Csabi80
<b00bsBawt> 3   GodFireGER           2   Domino-express       2   KraKen
<b00bsBawt> 1   Sn1P3RK1D            0   RedHACK              0   DEMOLITION-kappa
<b00bsBawt> 0   himen                0   TBC-Schlachtekuh     0   LE DJIIIE (fra)
<b00bsBawt> 0   GTV-b00bs

<[b00bs]The-spik> @banlist
<b00bsBawt> example: @banlist nickname

<[b00bs]The-spik> @banlist hans
<b00bsBawt>   // stoneyhans    banned on  25/01/2011 (10:56), reason : ^7stop team killing!
<b00bsBawt>   // HanSolo    banned on  26/10/2010 (16:39), reason : hacking
<b00bsBawt>   // Chris_Hansen    banned on  24/05/2010 (13:49), reason : cheater GUID
<b00bsBawt>   // =>Hanslauch<=GERMAN5n1p3r    banned on  08/05/2010 (22:31), reason : aimbot
<b00bsBawt>   // HanSolo    banned on  17/10/2010 (08:10), reason : aimbot/wallhack

<[b00bs]The-spik> @find
<b00bsBawt> Please specify a name for me to search for..

<[b00bs]The-spik> @find [b00bs]
<b00bsBawt> Searched 19 servers with 2 hits in 0m0.200s
<b00bsBawt> [b00bs]Nebel
<b00bsBawt> [b00bs]RAW-mEAT

32 NEW news posts on [b00bs] website finished and published today!!!

So yea, I've done all of the 32 news posts that were sitting there in drafts last 2 months waiting to be finished and published.

Instead of watching some random movie, I guarantee you good time if you watch this video UZ WC - [b00bs] vs nJ - crazy time broadcasted by [b00bs]Dan

You simply have to check out all of the 32 NEW news posts (and also the older ones) @

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