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Title: Application ... :-)
Post by: daivsocho on June 16, 2013, 08:05:22 AM
hey guys, you probably won't recognize this username but its me david!!!

who?! (said spiki)

I have played on  your servers countless times and enjoyed whenever we have spoken on your teamspeak server!

So my aliases (i have many) this is majorly due to the fact that I was a DN admin but the ones I use mostly are either davisocho, david, Smiley, :) or veNom

My previous clans are (in order)
wh| (war heads)

like I mentioned I do use teamspeak.
IM currently 15 years old
I live in central united states (just north east of tornado ally)

as for the reason I would like to join b00bs to be honest I like the clan, the people in it, and the experience provided by b00bs members.

I hope you guys can accept me in your clan, and keep in touch.....